Mark Stirling

Mark Stirling is a career officer in the British Army. Having risen through the ranks to Major, he is a squadron commander and he has no desire to take over from his commanding officer who is ‘desk bound’. Mark is based at the garrison in Hereford where the SAS responds to specific requests when needed, in between those operations they train intensely. During his time at university Mark gained his private pilots wings and tries to take to the air whenever possible as a way of relaxing and being free.

His father, a widower, lives near London and owns a motor dealership. Mark was expected to take over the running of the business but his career went along a different path. He has always had an interest in motor vehicles and spends his leave time with his father. He owns a Volkswagen Golf GTI which he uses but often will drive other cars that his father has taken in part exchange. On one of his visits to see his father he serves petrol to a young lady who lives nearby and they become friends. Beverley, an estate agent, has her own apartment in Ruislip and now Mark has another place to stay. He realises that having reached his thirties he should be thinking about settling down with a wife and family, something that his father often mentions.

However Mark’s deployments send him far away from all those home comforts as he embarks on more dangerous missions.

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