Tom Copeland

Tom Copeland spent the early part of his police career in New York on routine police duties. When Linda, his wife left him he accepted a transfer and joined the Washington Police Department and later a became a detective. His way of life had not improved as he was living in a downtown area on his own in a small apartment. He was a hardworking, hard drinking officer which resulted in him often being at odds with his superiors. His partner, Diego tried hard to make sure Tom was always ready for work and on time for all the department briefings. Even though he was working in the homicide squad he was the only officer available when an accident occurred at the airport.

As a result of his investigations he became involved with the CIA and using all his police training showed his potential. While helping to solve some of the issues that were engulfing the United States Tom came into contact with the higher echelons of the current administration.  This involvement probably rescued him from a way of life that echoed his father in laws in the NYPD and Tom began to realise that a secondment to the CIA could result in better opportunities.

Only time will tell if Tom is able to grasp the new opportunities and improve his situation.

 Information about the books featuring Tom Copeland.

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